Monday, June 1, 2015


Electric or manual – that is the question!   The reality is that it’s essential to brush your teeth – and whether you’re using a manual toothbrush or an electric option, the important factor is completing a thorough, two-minute brush twice a day.
In saying this, there are some pros and cons to consider when making the decision to use a manual or electronic toothbrush. Top of the line electric toothbrushes are clinically shown to remove more plaque and achieve healthier gums. They are easy to use, less work, more fun for children and most of them have a built-in timer that encourages correct brushing times.  Of course, they do have some drawbacks, like cost and they don’t travel well. 
Manual toothbrushes have some obvious advantages as well.  They are inexpensive, require no charging or batteries, more flexible on the teeth, and they are easier to travel with. 
Regardless of your personal preference of electric or manual toothbrushes, we do recommend that you select a soft-bristle toothbrush as they are safer for aggressive brushers.   And, don’t forget to change your toothbrush (or electric toothbrush head) every 3-6 months. 

Electric or manual – just brush! 

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