Thursday, December 3, 2015

Braces Friendly Recipe

So cute and a fun way to celebrate winter with a cold snack!
  1. Take just ripened bananas cut them in half, and freeze them. Leave the peels on, they will help preserve the color of your bananas; and be sure to seal them in a freezer safe bag.
  2. When you are ready to make your Penguins simply pull out a half cup of semi-sweet melting morsels, some candy eyes (from the local grocer's baking aisle), and some orange chocolate candy pieces.
  3. With the banana halves frozen, peel them and gently dunk them in the melted chocolate (like the photo), rolling softly side by side to create the 'tuxedo' effect.
  4. Optional, you can use Popsicle sticks if you want!
  5. Place your eyes and 'beak' on the soft melted chocolate, then drizzle a little dollop at the base and place your 'feet.' Make sure to keep your Penguins frozen until you're ready to serve them, eat them as fresh as possible from the freezer!
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